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The initial design on this was basically "big room, balconies, throne." so I had a lot of room to do whatever. The only scattered prop on the floor by me is the bookshelf. The arches and pillars beneath the balcony and the lion statues not by me. The railings not from me but modified to fit the different shapes. The windows not by me intially, I remade the stained glass on them. Everything else by me.

I made the vertex paint material and textures on these houses except for the wood.

City walls. The towers were pre-existing models that I added some extra trim to and made some minor modifications and changed the textures. I have nothing to do with the squared beams of wood in the ground or the ground textures.

Vertex paint material for the city walls to add variation and break up tiling.

I mostly just did background stuff in this map, so just the big temple just outside of the game space here.

Skybox was made with a hemispherical panorama of the night sky I photographed and a seperate layer of panning clouds. My main section of the map was the final area. Things not by me: the gallows, the ground textures (minus the road),the stairs mesh - stairs texture by me, any foliage, tower meshes in the background, wall torch meshes, and the crenallations/battlements and accompanying trim.

A tavern I put together with the modular house pieces, I didn't make the props or wooden windows.